We have started our whitelisting process for the WOX private sale or private investment round, so your chance to pass your KYC/AML process and be first to purchase WOX, like Bitcoin mining in 2009.



Decentralized Exchange

A revolutionary DEX, In decentralized platform, traders allows trade ERC20 and NEP5 and TRC20 tokens to each other without thirdparty interference – third party meaning centralized exchange –

  • Totally Anonymous
  • High-secure and User-Friendly DEX
  • P2P Tokens Transaction in Different Blockchains
Cross-chain Exchange

With WOX Cross-chain exchange users from multiple blockchains allows send and receive transactions with WOX unique address without having to transfer their own funds to a 3rd party centralize wallet.

  • Private DEX Wallet Key
  • Multiple Blockchain Transactions
  • PRIVATE and PUBLIC Blockchains
Hybrid Exchange

Hybrid Exchange is a gateway innovation that allows merchants to exchange their cryptocurrency to fiat immediately following the clients’ payments in payment gateway.

Mirror Trading

Mirror Trading is a full-innovative trading feature that allows both of beginner and professional traders to copy of successful cryptocurrency trades.

P2P Margin Trading

WOX margin trading is backed by BTCBear trading system that allows traders to have a greater trade opportunity with a low balance in their account via using leverage so that they can trade with more inventory.

Decentralize Payment System

WOX DEPS is a cross-chain protocol that allow merchants to accept a transaction payment through all public blockchains.



Multiple Cross-chain


Private One-Time


Support All ERC20


PoX consensus mechanism



WOX Blockchain Architecture

WOX Resolved Big Problem Of Blockchain

WOX is BTCBear exchange's great advantage that users will allow to trade between multiple blockchains and different smart contracts to each other at BTCBear decentralized exchange.
Imagine exchange between Multiple Blockchains; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Neo, NEM, Litecoin, EOS and its smart contract tokens to each other without third party interference with WOX Blockchain.
WOX is not an exchange protocol, WOX is a new Blockchain which aims to connect all Public and Private Blockchain together.

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